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Rest assured about meth contamination concerns with our certified, registered, insured, and police-vetted testing team.

For prompt and efficient service, our dedicated team is always prepared to conduct meth or asbestos tests at your convenience, any day of the week, by appointment.

As leading experts in meth sampling and testing, we focus entirely on addressing the needs of clients like you, specializing in meth sampling, testing, and remediation. Our extensive portfolio includes numerous success stories in this field.

Having facilitated successful outcomes for homeowners in Auckland, we intimately understand the challenges faced by property owners, vendors, and buyers, offering effective solutions tailored to your specific situation.

While we don't perform cleaning services ourselves, we maintain close communication with meth cleanup companies. During the meth cleaning and redecoration process, our consultation ensures the best possible results. Moreover, we specialize in asbestos surveys and registers, although we don't undertake asbestos removal directly.

Our range of services extends to moisture readings of internal materials, lead, mould, and formaldehyde sampling, providing comprehensive assessments for your property.

With a history of satisfied clients spanning years, we're more than happy to offer references attesting to our reliability and professionalism.


High Quality Services


Toxicology Meth/P Testing Report

A meth Field Composite screening assessment – the usual and most common type of sampling – that gives a cumulative level of contamination, if any, throughout the house.


Asbestos Survey and Sampling Report

Asbestos, common in houses built before 1984, is less common in pre-2000 houses. Building materials such as floors, roofs, downpipes, ceilings, fireplace surrounds, soffits and wall cladding can contain asbestos.


Smoke Alarm Testing

We will test the smoke alarms in you home, rental or commercial property.

Push button AND smoke detection testing offered.


Lead, Formaldehyde Sampling Report

Laboratory based testing by an IANZ accredited laboratory.

Instant onsite indication if lead is present, backed up by the reliability of Lab based analysis


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I can't thank the team at HPS enough for their outstanding service. They take care of all our inspection needs, leaving me with peace of mind. Their professionalism and dedication are unmatched. I recommend them to you.

Vic Trivedi - Barfoot and Thompson


Why should I get my property tested for meth contamination?

Living in one of these homes with severe contamination poses significant risks to your health and overall well-being. We strongly recommend testing every property to keep your family safe and healthy, specially the little ones. As some of the side effects on living in a contaminated home are long term and irreversible.

How can meth contaminated house affect my health?

The testing and research community holds varying opinions on the health impacts of property contamination stemming from methamphetamine manufacture and use. However, the increased focus on Meth Affected properties is driving further research, which is a positive development. Although there's divergence in opinions regarding the health effects linked to meth use, it's widely acknowledged that meth manufacture introduces a host of detrimental health consequences. This process involves a broader spectrum of contaminants, leading to both short-term and long-term adverse effects on health.

Short-Term Health Effects - The short-term effects can manifest diversely, resembling seasonal allergies or cold/flu symptoms. Notably, these symptoms persist longer than expected. It's crucial to recognize that while some individuals may not experience any of these effects, others might. Symptoms may include: Headaches, Irritated or watery eyes, Nausea Skin irritation, Coughing or choking Pain in the diaphragm, Sensation of coldness or weakness, Shortness of breath/dizziness, Reduced cognitive function, feeling disoriented, Vertigo, Seizures, Sleep disturbances.

Long-Term Health Effects - Comprehensive studies on the long-term health effects of residing in properties previously used as meth labs are limited. However, the known effects of chemicals associated with manufacturing suggest an increased risk of: Cancer, Nervous disorders/tremors, Kidney and liver damage, Birth defects, Reproductive issues, Fatality, Health Effects Related to Contamination from Use Government advice in Australia emphasizes methamphetamine as a problematic environmental contaminant. Specifically, contamination from use beyond set limits is deemed unacceptable due to its associated economic costs and health risks, though long-term studies on health effects from exposure are lacking. Anecdotal evidence and some overseas research, both real-world and laboratory-based, corroborate adverse health outcomes associated with meth presence in a property. These align with acute effects from entering a previously used meth lab. Reported effects include: Persistent cough, Shortness of breath/dizziness, Reduced cognitive function, Behavioral disturbances, Sleep disruptions, Skin problems. While there isn't exhaustive research on long-term effects from meth use contamination, accumulating evidence indicates potential risks to health and well-being, emphasizing the need for caution in defining acceptable levels of meth presence in affected properties.

How long does it take to get a test result?

In most cases it takes 2-3 days to get the test results. Regional or statutory holidays may result in a longer turnaround times.

Please keep in mind, if property is currently tenanted then an additional 24-48 hours notice period may be required to get access for testing. Once a test has been requested we will arrange access with the contact person noted on your order. We will make every effort to ensure that we meet your preferred time requested. There is a special instructions field on the booking form should you need to notify us of any concerns about the property, including any known meth history. This Baseline test is not used to confirm the effectiveness of cleaning in a property. Do not book this test if you have undertaken any recent cleaning. 

Why Meth testing is important for landlords and property managers?

Meth testing holds immense importance for landlords and property managers due to several key reasons:

Health and Safety: Ensuring the property is free from meth contamination is crucial for the health and safety of tenants. Methamphetamine residues can pose serious health risks, particularly to children and individuals with respiratory issues or sensitivities.

Liability and Legal Obligations: Landlords and property managers have a duty of care to provide a safe living environment. Failure to detect and address meth contamination can lead to legal liabilities if tenants suffer health issues or if the property is deemed unsafe.

Property Preservation: Meth contamination can cause significant damage to a property over time. Testing helps identify contamination early, preventing further deterioration and preserving the value of the property.

Tenant Retention and Reputation: Ensuring a clean and safe living environment contributes to tenant satisfaction and retention. It also upholds the reputation of the landlord or property management company, leading to positive word-of-mouth and attracting responsible tenants.

Cost Savings: Early detection through testing can mitigate extensive remediation costs. Identifying contamination at an early stage allows for targeted and cost-effective cleanup measures.

Compliance with Standards: In some regions, there are legal standards and regulations regarding meth contamination levels in rental properties. Conducting regular testing ensures compliance with these standards, avoiding potential fines or penalties.

Peace of Mind: Regular meth testing provides peace of mind for both landlords and tenants. Knowing that a property is free from contamination alleviates concerns and ensures a safe living environment.

In essence, meth testing for landlords and property managers is not just a precautionary measure; it's a proactive step toward fulfilling legal obligations, safeguarding occupants' health, preserving property value, and maintaining a positive reputation in the real estate market.

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